The Forest School

Visit Or Enrol

Let us know your next steps

If you’re new to The Forest School or if you already know your child will thrive, and you want to make The Forest School a regular part of your child’s learning week; then let us know below. We’ll get back to you with a confirmation of enrolment or an upcoming Try Day if it’s your first visit.

Application Process

Even if you are not sure if The Forest School is the right fit, fill out your details below and we can get in touch to answer your questions.

Our team will be in contact to answer any questions you have and arrange a free Try Day visit.

Parents/caregivers will have the opportunity to tour The Forest School with our School Director meet the other teachers. This is for approximately 1 hour. Children are then invited to stay until 3 pm to experience a typical day in the forest.

Our team will be in touch after your child’s Try Day to share how the day went and to answer any further questions. Here you can express your interest in proceeding with enrolment.

Confirmation of place will be emailed to you along with further documentation and details.

Please make a courtesy appointment with your child’s teacher and/or school Principal to discuss your child’s attendance with us. The Forest School will send formal communication and a letter of acceptance to your child’s school Principal.